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Three Considerations (2010 - 11)

Flute and Piano  (16 min)


Three Considerations is a composition in which the composer, Paul Poston, examines three distinct themes of human interaction with nature. The first movement, Meditation, includes both the natural tones of the flute as well as the element of the human voice. Apart from playing on the keys of the piano in the conventional manner, the pianist also occasionally plucks the string.


The second movement, Dialogue, conveys a fight between humans and nature. During the work, the pianist constantly interrupts the melody of the flute, likewise, the flute  interrupts the piano. The interruptions represent the human's constant conflict with nature.


Finally, in Considerations, the composer expresses the humans attempt to absolve and correct all the wrong she has done to nature.



Joseph Saenz, Flute

Daniel Manoiu, Piano

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